What Do You Mean It’s Almost 2010?

Yeah I know, I still have to post the Bond.  I finished spinning the samples while at SOAR, but I still haven’t photographed them.  Story of my life.

I have been knitting and weaving.

The Daughter Of The Regiment socks are now complete.  Lisa got to see the one I had finished while at SOAR was was tickled pink to see them “in the wild”.

Speaking of “in the wild,” Abby Franquemonts book Respect The Spindle came out just before Thanksgiving and I spotted it at a local bookstore.

Very cool.  I also attended her book signing at The Spinning Loft on Black Friday.

I will leave this picture up to your imagination.  However, for those of you who need more information let me just point to Kat’s Blog where she explains what happened.

As far as the weaving is concerned.  I have now warped my large Oxaback loom with a short dishtowel warp.  It is the Striped Kitchen Handtowels from The Big Book Of Weaving by Laila Lundell.  It is the second project in the book and while it is a very easy project, the warp is set closer than I used to warp my previous dishtowels in 8/2 cotton.  The next project is a rag rug which I have never done in my almost 15 years of weaving.  Remember, I said I  have a lot of holes in my weaving education.

My dog training mojo is slowing coming back.  I could spend 24/7 training Masi, but there are other dogs that need my attention.  Luke is happy to just play training games and chase the ball.  Adam is plenty busy just being cute and occasionally doing a bit of agility stuff.  Danny, Roo and Daisy are all working on either rally or obedience.

So what will 2010 bring?  Oh heavens I hope good things!  SOAR is in Delavan Wisconsin in the fall and I no longer have flyball to get in the way of agility trials.  We will just let the days roll by and see what it brings.

P. S.  Please excuse the large amount of blurry cell phone photos, but that’s the way my life have been going recently!

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