This blog is about spinning fiber of various types.    Some of it will be educational, some of it will be self indulgence about my projects, stash or whatever I’m obsessing over at the time.

Please visit my Etsy Store Emsket’s Fiberarts to browse my offerings of roving, dyed locks and weaving kits.


2 thoughts on “Sheepwreck

  1. Love your blog! I don’t feel so bad about tossing out a cashgora fleece I purchased last fall. I noticed a smell about it as my husband toted it around in his backpack for me. We tried everthing under the sun to get the stink out and nothing worked. It turns out it was from an intact male goat, which aparently are quite stinky.

  2. California Red fleece is available from Apple Rose Farm. i believe they also sell it as roving as well as fleece. I have gotten a couple fleece from them and have found them lovely, both the fleece and the seller. I am in the Midwest ordering fleece from New Jersey of a sheep breed with a California name. Know what you mean about hard to find fleece.

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