I am grounded for a while. The past month hard been full of doctors appointments, imaging, and K9 nose work.  


Here is Ribbon and I after our First NW2 attempt. She did beautifully me not so much. But managed to pull out a third pace in exteriors. Plus My friend Sara ran her for me and got her Level 1 exterior title. Yeah!

Here is Masi and I after our successful first NW3 trial. I cand believe he did it on the first try. I’m still on cloud 9.  

The one thing in common with both pictures is I have a walking cast on. Well back in March I fell and ruptured my Achilles’ tendon. Yesterday I had surgery to repair it so I’m forced to elevate my foot, unable to maneuver steps and dealing with pain. 

Before all this mess I have been working on expanding my offerings at Emsket’s Fiberworks. Slowly I’m adding needle felting.   I’ve received a few inquiries so have added a few basic items so fat. Plus I’ll be adding roving in amouts specifically for needle felting and a few kits. I’ll be testing some drop spindles as well. 

So let your needle felting friends know as we work to bring the best fiber to you. And dont forget to sign up for our newsletter at 


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