What’s Happened Here?

So much time has gone by….so much that I can’t summarize it all. Let’s just say not quitting my day job, my brief venture into Amazon was a financial flop. It is now time to get back to the root of things. Fiberarts, what I’m passionate about.

I’m currently watching fellow fiber vendors turn to additional ventures or retiring. What happened? The economy is booming is a large part of it. Does that mean people are not spinning or weaving? Absolutely not!!!!

On a different topic, I sold my Hansen and my Haldane and bought The Device. I have also sold my Lendrum and three looms, including my Baby Wolf. Eventually I’ll replace the Baby Wolf with a narrow counterbalance loom, maybe a Glimakra Julia. But first I need to clear out my spinning room.

Confession du jour: I cannot close the door I also have so much in that room I cannot get to the back where my drum carder is. So either I spend all the spare minutes of my day spinning for the next 50 years or sell something soooo I’m still deciding. I have stuff from Southern Cross fibers and Enchanted Knoll when she was still dyeing. Plus some dyed cotton, some alpaca, mohair locks, and mystery wool. I think Ravelry will be the best way to go that way it can go in the stash with photos. So if you are on Ravelry my userid is ellenspn. I’ll be adding things for days I’m sure!

I think this is still available I’ll have to check.

Yes I’ve had it that long. And we are dog friendly here.

Speaking of dogs last July we lost Grady to cancer. He was sweet as the day was long though and always a good boy.

Before we lost Grady this character came into our lives. Introducing Smokey who I may show in conformation. Still unsure about that.

Also both Ribbon and Shiloh earned their NW3 Elite titles. Ribbon in 5 and Shiloh in 6 shows. Masi is now retired to countersurfing and fence running and he’s much happier not being dragged around strange dogs.

Hopefully we will get back to our regular scheduled series again. But in the mean time check out my current offerings on Etsy at http://www.emsketsfiberworks.com

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