Bond-As Versatile As It Is Beautiful

The Bond samples were finished at SOAR, but could I find them…NOOOOOOO….  Finally they were located, in a bag that contains all my spare knitting needles.  Why they were in that bag I have no idea except those needles were with me at SOAR (don’t ask).

Here is a sample of a lock.  This particular sample had a very distinct crimp and a bi-colored lock.  Usually when I find locks with two different colors they break where the two colors meet.  Not so with this sample.  The tips were a bit tender but not bad at all.

Even after being stored in a bag for months the carded rolag came out and with a slight bit of fluffing came out looking good.  I can’t say that for all the rolags I stuff in plastic bags.  The crimp gives it loft and resilience that I love.  Think about mittens and socks.

Here is how it spins up.  Okay, it looks like I had too much swill when spinning this, but honestly it is high in squish factor and will wear well for those before mentioned mittens and socks as well as a comfortable cardigan.

Bond works equally well when combed.  Here are a couple tiny puffs of combed top.

I could see this either knit into a fine and open lace or woven into a warm shawl.  It isn’t apparent in the picture, but the yarn here has a subtle shine to it.  Perhaps a twill pattern to show off the shine?

Bond is certainly one of my favorite wools and I hope you will take the opportunity to take it for a spin.  Even if it isn’t moorit I believe you will find a col0r that will take your breath away.  Gleason’s Fine Woolies is where this Bond originally came from.  I bought the washed locks from an Etsy shop called Woolslinger who is currently taking a break from selling.

It’s been cold here in the swamps, and snowy.  We have something like 12″ of snow on the ground right now.  So I’ve been working on my weaving a good bit.

The handtowels are off the loom and that includes the extra special one woven with my own handspun tow linen!

And it actually looks good!  Much better than the crappy cell phone picture shows.  A little short, but hey, that’s what ends of warps are for!  But I still need to hem the ends of all the towels I made.

I’m weaving a rug on the rigid heddle loom.  What you see are rya knots made with Icelandic locks.  Yes the same fleece I did the review of the Icelandic wool.  I also took the Lincoln locks I had left and are using them as well.  It’s quite the contrast with the longer and matte Icelandic.  I’m really growing to like the rigid heddle loom for a quick and easy project.  Well, warping is much quicker anyway.  I’ll probably start playing with some pickup.

My knitting currently is focused on the Blessed Thistle Tsock pattern by Lisa Grossman.  I am currently much further than the above, but still not done with the ribbing and the little leaves before the main choke.  This pattern so far has been fun and I love lace so am itching to get into the main body of the pattern.  I also need to finally decide what fingerless glove pattern I’m going to knit using some of these yarns.

Bling bonanza here!  This is yarn from my Enchanted Knoll swap partners.  It’s sooo tempting to cast aside my sock and cast one one of these but patience is a virtue and I’m waiting until the socks are done.

And I’m also spinning Enchanted Knoll batts.  This is Pumpkin Juice Wildcard batts I’m spinning to knit more socks with.    I also have queued up some more batts for my Patches Memory Shawl.  I feel like I’m  almost done, but then again, no where near done.

As you can tell, dogs are not getting much training.  That was a bobbin for my Journey wheel.  Masi ate the rest of it.  Oh the joys of puppyhood.   I just keep reminding myself, slow to mature, slow to mature…

So I better go and train some dogs because in the words of Shirley Chong, “Management always fails.”


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