K9 Nosework, Craftsy, And Time With Adam

I don’t talk a lot about Adam. He’s my little sheltie. I got him to show in agility, rally and conformation. None of that has happened. He is a very sweet but fearful guy. He didn’t like Ribbon until she was almost 6 month old and he realized she was a GIRL. If Shiloh is upstairs, he is downstairs but heaven help me if I take another dog to the basement to train.

Adam 04

We started K9 Nosework with him shortly after attending the first seminar. It’s been slow going. He doesn’t work well in strange places. His first NW1 trial was horribly hot and he only managed to pass the exterior hide.  He did a good bit better at the July Burlington trial passing 3 of the 4 elements despite it being hot as well.  I really had high hopes for the Joliet trial last fall, but strong winds made things just a bit too scary for him.

Adam 05

My dear little dog.  I know he is ready to pass all 4 elements, and he’s proven it having passed all 4 elements at one trial or another, but he still hasn’t put it all together yet. Even Ron Gaunt says he is as ready as he can be and hope for the best.   I’m so lucky to have Adam, he’s taught me about patience and persistence the way that Masi can not.

On the craft front, I’ve been working on this Civil War era quilt for a Craftsy class.


Blocks are all sewn now and the next part was to piece the sashing between the blocks.  Unfortunately this is a class for people who are not quite the beginner I am.  After struggling for a while I finally gave up the thoughts of piecing the sashing and am now adding plain strips to the edges of the 12″ blocks to make them 14″ like the two larger blocks and will put a solid sashing and border around the blocks.


How large the quilt will end up I’m not sure, but I’m looking forward to finishing it and no Mom it’s not for you.  There are too many mistakes in this to ever consider giving it to anyone!

My carpel tunnel is still flared and the rally trials really did a number on my tendonitis so I’m still looking forward when that will be all healed and I can get back to spinning!


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