First Trial With A New Partner

Well, I’m still not spinning. Still having major pain issues with carpal tunnel and with my Achilles’ tendon.

This week was Shiloh’s turn to debut in rally. Poor guy didn’t know what to think.


I put him in CWAG’S so that I could treat him as we went along. Well, easier said than done. He got lots of treats though. He was concerned, looked around and tried to look under the ring gates at another dog in the other ring.


Heel position was only a suggestion for him. However under their rules he did quite well. Out of 4 runs he qualified 3 times.


The larger ribbons are from Ribbons qualifying run. I’m very proud if my cute puppy.

I’m very proud of Shiloh. He has gone from a neglected dog tied up in a backyard to a performance partner.



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