Loom Music With A Bit Of Ribbon

My looms have been more active than my wheels.


I used some Wollmeise lace yarn to weave a stole.


The jury is still out on how I feel about weaving with Wollmeise. It acts like nothing else I’ve woven other than really coarse rayon.
I’m waiting for a painted warp to show up to make some presents even though I’ve wound this warp.


It’s to weave part of the massive amount of Shetland yarn I spun over several years. Nothing fancy planned just a goose eye twill.

On other news. Shiloh continues to demand one on one training. I’m trying to train all the dogs, well except for Danny who gets cookies for just breathing. As a result Ribbon is getting some serious training.


Since she has been a tiny puppy we have been working on K9 Nosework. What this has created is a bold puppy who has no qualms about counter surfing and grabbing stuff and running amok. It’s also trained in her persistence and work ethic. Now I need to train a proper tucked sit. Yeah I know she’s how old and I don’t have sit on cue.

Isn’t she cute bouncing around there 🙂

Luckily she is cute and I haven’t strangled her yet. I have registered her with APDT Rally but don’t expect to show her in the puppy classes. She’s at my least favorite phase right now. This too shall pass and be just a fond memory. Much like Adam taking off with the 18 micron alpaca roving when he was a puppy.

So as as we steam ahead to the holidays we with everyone a peaceful holiday season. Merry Christmas from the herding crew, Jerry and I. I can be found either behind the loom or in the basement, training dogs what else!


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