I Love You Man

Not much spinning getting done lately. Knitting and weaving yes, but not spinning. Part of the reason is I’m needing to swap out wheels for a while but there are a couple more reasons.
Two very needy dogs. One who is young and impulsive and another who has decided now that he not only wants my attention but to be trained.


Shiloh still has issues. He resource guards me from the other dogs occasionally and still hates his crate. He still pulls when going on a walk and considers harnesses as deadly.

He has proved to be an excellent Geocaching partner. Patient and easy on the trail. Its nice to have a dog who doesn’t wander off when we stop to grab a cache. He is also good with other dogs we come across.

Over the past couple months he has become more and more demanding. I would let him out and that would temporarily appease him or go upstairs to bed where he would just sigh and follow me. Did I mention he tries to hog the bed and that I have bruises from being stepped on by a not so light on his feet Aussie?

I was training him for a while but he want real comfortable in heel position. I backed off training and stopped taking him to the competition class. On and off I’ve played K9 Nosework games in boxes with him and he is quick and enjoys the challenge.

Whatever the reason, working Nosework with him seems to have flipped a switch in his brain. He became more and more demanding. Bolting into the basement whenever I would go downstairs and screaming in that oh so special Aussie way when I took someone else downstairs.

I finally decided to use his demands as a cue to go train him. I’m trying to catch him before he launches into his “I love you man” routine (complete with a loving lick). He also doesn’t know if I’ll be doing Nosework or Sue Ailsby Levels Training or heeling.

Now I’m getting some peace and a trained dog. Whoda thunk? But he still lets me know when it’s time to go to bed.



One thought on “I Love You Man

  1. He looks like a sweetie! My SIL was pet sitting a border collie/aussie mix last week. Daphne was the most laidback Aussie I’ve ever seen, and very velcro. She was darling, but I never thought I’d see a border collie not constantly looking for a job!

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