Pretty In Pink

Puppies are overrated.

And it’s a darn good thing they are cute. I’ve been a bit busy as you can see.


Her name is Lynnlea’s Buttons And Bows aka Ribbon. Dorothy, her breeder gave her a litter name and we kept it.

She is bold like great uncle Danny and is pretty like her uncle Adam. At almost 8 months she’s already a counter surfer. The Aussies think she is fun to play with. Adam has finally figured out she is a girl and no longer hates her.

I started her in Canine Nosework at 9 weeks old.


See fuzzy brown puppy in box? She is showing a ton of drive and joie de vie. Now if I would just spend more time training her. Sigh.

Losing my only girl, Daisy, was hard. I knew I needed a girl to strep in and keep order among testosterone laced chaos. I love my boys, but they need the velvet paw of a female to keep them in line. Dorothy had just the puppy for me in a litter I didn’t even consider. Ribbons sire is a quite outgoing sheltie but her mother was more stand offish. Or so I thought until I saw that she had climbed up on my husbands lap.

Dorothy plops Ribbon in my arms, a mud brown puppy with a smutty mask around her eyes destined to go oversize. She is already taller than Adam, who remains my little sheltie.  Very little bothers her.  Train crossings, boxes falling, pans going crashing, that’s all in a day’s work for her.

So in between rescuing my fiber from one small brown puppy I’m working on lots of fibery things.

Ribbon at Root

But seriously, it’s hard to resist a face like this.


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