And On It Goes Into A New Venture

So it’s mid-summer and I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about a lot of things.

But it’s dawned on me how much I have at my disposal. Fibers and dyes and time it would seem. But honestly I don’t know how I ever worked and had time to do anything else. Things like training dogs, spinning, weaving. I could easily keep myself busy just at home. However that is not my reality. I have dogs to take care of, a puppy to consider purchasing, and bills to pay.


Some things have been sold, such as fibers, and more fibers are for sale. Some equipment has sold as well.  I’ll miss the Victoria wheel and the Majacraft Alpaca wheel, but I didn’t use them very much.

I’ve taken a long, hard hard look at things and realized that some other things had to change.

Locks 002

I started by creating a home office in my basement. I am no longer as heat tolerant as I used to be so it’s been miserable where my home office currently is. Moving downstairs was a no brainer following The Great Power Outage Of 2011.

July 11 a Derecho moved through the area leaving major damage to the power grid. Luckily we had the basement  and got our hands on a generator but not before losing the contents of my fridge and freezer. The basement became our living quarters. But we had hot water and are on city water. The dogs were confused but did well.

After being down here and staring at bags of unprocessed raw wool and a box of roving, and fleeces I’ve watched I started questioning what I wanted to do.

Wool is a very important part of my life.

But I have A LOT of wool.  More than I can ever use.

So I finally took the plunge and opened an Etsy store, Emsket’s Fiberworks.


I am going to be focusing on three things, small farm fleeces processed into roving, dyed wool locks, and weaving kits for both 4 harness and rigid heddle looms.  I’m excited and scared all in one.  It’s a big, new responsibility.  Taxes to collect, a store to advertise and eventually packages to ship out.

Dyed Wool Locks

Oh yeah and advertising to get out there.

On another note, the dogs have not been idle.  K9 Nosework has taking over my training time.

Mas, Do You Really This Will Work?

I entered Masi in his first National Association for Canine Scentwork (NACSW) Odor Recognition Test (ORT). We attempted two odors, birch and anise. He had 2 great runs. He was on the right track with birch but I called an alert before he got to the right box. I was devastated. But Sara had me enter anise too and once again he found it quickly. I missed acknowledging his first two indications and I brought him back around again and when he gave me the third I called alert. I was in tears. My little reactive Aussie just passed a test at his first ORT. I entered him in anise because my instructor asked me to. He was ready, I wasn’t.  I needed experience.

Wow, now we still need to pass birch before we can enter a trial.  But you bet your booties we will work hard to pass the next one.

So if you excuse me know, I have wool to wash.


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