Perendale-Long, Lovely, Locks

It’s been too long.

I’ve had the yarn spun for this for a coons age, but I never could get to the point of taking pictures.  Well, I just went and did it and while it’s not the greatest photography in the world, it could be worse.  I purchased this wool from The Spinning Loft.  Seriously, if you want wool, call Beth…she’s got the goods!  She doesn’t have all the the wool up on the website so don’t hesitate to call and ask her “What do you have that I don’t?”

Perendale Locks

This fleece is a lovely light brown/gray color.  Almost a cafe au lait, just a tiny bit darker.  These locks were about 5.5″-6″ long

Combed Perendale

Here is the combed top.  I used my double row viking combs to produce this.

Combed Perendale Yarn

Here is the spindle spun product from the combing.  If I had gone back and re-spun the yarn, I would have given it more plying twist.

Carded Perendale

It combed easily giving me a rather disorganized and loose rolag.

Carded Perendale Yarn

The yarn was very similar thanks to the length of the fiber, the effort of carding was lost and it produced more of a worsted yarn.  And this one is better plied.

Based on what I have experienced with this fiber, I would be tempted to use it in something like a coat or other outerwear.  It is also appropriate for tapestry, where the luster of the wool is an advantage.  I will probably comb the rest of the fiber, but am uncertain what I will actually do with it project wise.

Life has been, um interesting to say the least.  It’s been a spring of tornado activity, much of it serious.  Much damage through the south and in the nations mid-section.  At this moment I am watching the situation developing in Central Indiana on (5/25/11) with trepidation.  My idea of storm chasing is to watch it on the computer as other people track the storms and if I am local to it, to look at the resulting damage.

I have a severe weather plan, I have crates in my basement to house my dogs in as safely as I can.  We put that plan into action three times last year.  Luckily, no tornadoes, but you never know about the next.

I’m still puttering around here.  It looks like I might be teaching a rigid heddle weaving class…I’ll let you know the details as it becomes available.  Other than that not a whole lot has been going on other than going to Clicker Expo in March.

Clicker Expo

I have no really good pictures from Expo, but that is Emma Parsons.  She rocks!  Masi and I attended her lab and had a good time.  That is saying a lot because Masi is still reactive to other dogs.  I’m very proud of my silly Aussie!

I’ve done a bit of weaving.

Sampling Is A Good Thing

Yes, Olga was warped.  This is the sample of a rag rug I wove on her.  I’m now tying knots, lots of knots…

Ready For The Washer

I had just finished twisting the fringe, it’s now washed and once I trim ends it will be ready for it’s intended recipients.

Also I have been spinning.

Sock Yarn?

Sock yarn anyone?  Yeah, it’s a bit thick for sock yarn…

Stringtopia?…um yeah…What about it?

Pictures?  Um yeah, there might be some.

So I guess I’ll have to post again soon to show you what happened didn’t happen in Ohio.


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