Has Anyone Seen My Brain?

It’s been brewing in my brain for a while, but I finally decided to put out a series of geocaches.   Normally, I’m a finder of geocaches and a placer of earthcaches, but not traditional geocaches.  So it will end in a rather painful puzzle that will require more than looking something up on Wikipedia or decrypting a cipher.  The subject matter is rather dear to me…J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings series.

I’m trying to make it hearken back to to the books rather than to the recent movie version.  And so far it’s been a lot of fun.

I am done knitting, but not done finishing this.

Yes, the Patches Memory Shawl (love the nifty Ravelry link.  Thanks Casey!)  How many years later….ahem…but it’s going to SOAR 2010! Or that’s the plan.  I haven’t registered yet, that’s not until May 6.   So you know where I’ll be then….

Oh and I was kidnapped, sorta.

A couple of the above guilty characters decided I needed to go to Greencastle.  I didn’t argue.  They put me up and transported me.  I also realized that weekend I’m not 20 years old and a grad student anymore, oy.  There is nothing like realizing that you are now old enough to be a college student’s parent.  But I had fun, bought a bit of fiber, a couple new spindles and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post something more concrete later.  But for now I just wanted to pop in to say I’m alive and I have not forgotten about this blog.  I have fiber to spin, now that I’ve found it!


2 thoughts on “Has Anyone Seen My Brain?

  1. I like the shawl–lace shawls are a fave of mine, but more and more I’m leaning towards “simple” shawls that have only a few eyelet bands as their major design elements.

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