Ravelympics/Knitting Olympics/Frenzy/Whatever

Well, the insanity of the Ravelympics is almost done.

First project I finished was the Madrid fingerless mitts by Alexandra Brinck.  It’s a free pattern and the first time I ever knitted with beads pre-strung.  It is knit from some yarn from my swap last fall.  It’s Enchanted Knoll Farm Treasure Chest colorway.  The red beads are perfect pairing for this yarn, however the photo does not do justice to the loveliness of these.  However I vastly overestimated the time it would take to knit these.  I spent all of 6 days on them.

So rather than sitting on my laurels I opted to add this sweet Urchin hat by Ysolda Teague.  I had a thick and thin single I spun from some Southern Cross Handpainted BFL in the Dingo colorway.  And that took me all of 3 days.

Finally, I decided I had other projects to worry about and that finishing up the dishtowels would be a good thing.  So I finally hemmed the dishtowels by hand.  I still need to get my sewing machine into the shop, but I’m happy to have them finally done.

Hemming dishtowels is not really a portable project so the Blessed Thistle Tsocks hit the road again with me.  I had already completed this first sock before the Olympics started and had the second on the needles.

Now at the same time whenever I had a chance I was spinning plain white merino.

And spinning more merino….each bobbin taking an interminable amount of time.

And I’m not only sick of spinning plain white merino, I’m also not happy with the way the singles turned out.  And as a result, not happy with the plied yarn.  I originally thought I would make it a 3 ply, but I decided not to spin the third bobbin and create a 2 ply.  Well, the 2 ply looks well over spun.  Someone suggested I could use it to knit a felted item and I think that’s a very good idea.  This doesn’t do anything for the Elizabeth Zimmermann Nether Garments it was intended for, but it does tell me what I don’t want for it.  Now I can go back to spinning colorful yarn.

As if my life was not busy enough, I’ve started a podcast!  It will be separate from this blog as I will continue to share different things here that are best presented as a blog.  The podcast is called ClickSpin and it will be published on about a once to twice a month.  No way I can do a weekly podcast.


2 thoughts on “Ravelympics/Knitting Olympics/Frenzy/Whatever

  1. Very nice! Love the colors in the gloves and hat, and the Tsocks look to be progressing well.

    I spent the first weekend of the Olympics in St Louis for the quarterly checkup on my grandparents, and the last weekend in Buffalo for a memorial service for my great-aunt, so all I managed to do was some spindle spinning. My poor wheel hasn’t been touched since September! 😮

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