Just Another Winter In The Midwest

Last weekend it was raining and melting everything, this weekend it is much more like a normal winter weekend….cold cold cold.

But in the past month we have found 28 geocaches, which is a personal record for January.  I’m still shaking my head as most of them were found on a local cache run and we broke our finds in a single day at 21.  Okay we are not into number runs, we like taking our time and enjoy the journey.   We still haven’t decided what our goals are for the upcoming year.

Currently I’m gearing up for the Ravelympics 2010.  I currently have 2 projects set up, spinning merino for the Elizabeth Zimmermann Nether Garments.  I’ve made a pair before so I’m looking forward to making a handspun pair for myself.  And my on the road knitting project will be Madrid Fingerless Mitts with some absolutely beautiful yarn spun by my swap partner from Enchanted Knoll Treasure Chest Batts.

That’s the bottom skein.  I have some lovely ruby colored beads to go with them.  I still need to swatch before the event start to make sure that the colors don’t clash.

Since I’m going to be spinning plain, white yarn I’m desperately spinning very colorful yarn until the Ravelympics starts

The top yarn is Patches Memory blend that I run out of  edging my shawl last fall and the bottom bit of lusciousness is also from Enchanted Knoll.  It is Pumpkin Juice Wildcards.  Oh my much prettiness coming to a sock near me!

I have also have used more than just the 30″ Reeves recently.

The Majacraft Alpaca wheel has been dusted off and I’m spinning some serious worsted with it.  I’m finding while my lovely Reeves handles very fine yarns well and long draw well, I have an easier time with worsted on a scotch tension wheel.  Notice I’m using the wild flyer and the regular bobbins.  I also spun some super bulky finn singles on my Louet S10 and plied them using the wild flyer and the large bobbins simply because the S10’s orifice barely handled the singles.

The fiber on the Alpaca you ask.

You mean this fiber?

Pygora/Fine wool punis from Rainbow Yarns Northwest that I bought at SOAR.  I fell down hard at Terry’s booth there and brought home lots of drool-worthy pygora fiber.

I’m also hoping to spin up this lovely batt from Dyakcraft before the opening ceremonies.  I traded some fiber with a friend for this batt.  Wow is all I can say right now.

So I’ll be spinning colorful items or weaving on this.

Yeah, not done yet…still working…


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