Royal Oaks Blue On Black ONYX

That’s right, Luke the blue merle tornado, I mean sheltie finished his ONYX titles having earned 20,000 points over his lifetime of running flyball over the last 8 years.

I honestly didn’t think we were going to make it about 6 months ago. He isn’t exactly one of the faster flyball dogs nor did we have one of the better organized teams. He doesn’t care, he loves to run. So we are not retiring, but he will certainly only be going to local tournaments from here on out.


4 thoughts on “Royal Oaks Blue On Black ONYX

  1. Hi Ellen

    This will be very embarrassing if I got confused as to which
    person Beth was talking about but here goes anyway.

    I was just talking with Beth Pink Smith at the Spinning Loft.
    We were talking about SOAR & I mentioned that I intended to
    leave Soar on Thursday & go see some of the surrounding area.
    She said that she stayed at Soar the whole time but that you
    would be at Soar. She said you liked Geo-caching & might like
    to go. I’ve never done Geo-caching but I will have my car & no
    particular place to visit. It is only an ordinary car, not a
    4×4 or anything, so rough roads will be out but there is a
    volcano & its lakes right there. I can’t imagine but that there
    would be Geo-caches somewhere in the area.

    Incidentally, I think we may have met before. I was at Susan’s
    Fiber shop retreat with Judith McKenzie McCuin last winter. I
    was the one with the new Schacht-Reeves who was about 30 miles
    up on an adrenaline high the whole time.


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