Lincoln-Use It Well

After losing the first set of samples I finally spun up a second set.  I had assumed that since I spun a second set, I would find the first.  Alas, that has not been the case.

First of all this sorry looking thing is a rolag of carded Lincoln.  I’m afraid being stuffed into a plastic bag was not a happy thing for this .  I also found that this particular fleece felted pretty easily.  Not the most easy to felt, but a fleece does not  have to be fine to felt.  Coarse fleeces can felt just as well as fine ones.

Luckily, I spun the carded sample before this rolag got mangled.

The carded sample has a nice halo and shows a good bit of unevenness.  It is harder to hand card long fibers such as silk and the long wools.  Handcards seem happiest carding fibers shorter than about 6″ for me.

But to be honest, Lincoln and other longwools  beg to be combed.

This produced a yarn with less halo, more even drafting, and a more uniform yarn.

Neither of these yarns are suitable for next to skin.  This particular fleece could work for outerwear such as a coat, but would probably be best in a tapestry or woven in a rug.  When dyed these yarns will have a glow without being too glossy.  I have seen finer Lincoln fleeces blended with silk and spun fine for suiting.  Also upholstry woven from Lincoln will wear like iron.  So take Lincoln out for a spin and use it well.  Wool can be used for many things and not every breed is suited for the same purpose.

Life around here has been…um…interesting to say the least.

Most recently Daisy, my rescue sheltie girl, earned her APDT Rally Championship (ARCH).  It’s been a long strange trip we have been on together from the dog who was too afraid to even do a sit in her own house to performing among strange people, which is what scares her most.

Fiber-wise I once again “competed” (if you can call it that) in the Tour De Fleece!

Most importantly I finished this yarn.

The pictures do not do it justice.  It is the long awaited Patches Memory Yarn which is now being knit into an Elizabeth Zimmermann Pie Are Square Shawl.  I hope to have it done and blocked for SOAR.

I joined three teams this year, including one dubbed Team Suck Less led by none other than Abby.  The challenge for that team was to spin a mile in a day.  We could define our mile,  so I defined mine as a mile of singles.

Behold 2012 yards of corriedale singles in about 8.5 hours.

That wasn’t all I spun, but that was the bulk of it.

But I leave you for now, hopefully it won’t be a long as last time.  My energy is lagging but I am hopeful that we are getting to the root of the problems I’ve been dealing with rather than just treating the symptoms.


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