Taking Account And Looking Around

Life has been interesting around here.   But what it means is that I’m starting to work on things again like spinning, weaving and dog training.  The only thing I seriously seem to have been doing is knitting.

This is the first installment of the Tsock Flock Club called “Fearful Symmetry.”

Check out the tail.  Why are they not done?  Um, I ran out of yarn…  So I decided to start this project.

Bloom mittens!  The first stranded knitting I’ve done in a long long time.  Very successful and whoa does that finnish landrace yarn feel good.  I bought it from RIIHIVILLA.  Along with the mitten yarn I bought some sock yarn and undyed yarn.  Stay tuned for more projects with this stuff.  I’m in love!  Oh and mittens in May you ask, Elizabeth Zimmermann encouraged people to make mittens in May so that you are not making them at the last minute.

Now that the mittens are done its on to the second Tsock kit, Daughter of the Regiment.  This one is easier than the first pattern with the exception of one small area…ahem…and guess where I am!  Yup, I’m there.  So when the going gets tough, the tough casts on another sock!  So I now have 2 sets of socks in progress.  The Tsock and a pair of basic socks in Mountain Colors Bearfoot.  Until I get past this small section on the Tsock I can’t knit it on the train.  And I must have knitting on the train…hence the Bearfoot socks…

I now am the proud owner of a small tapestry loom from Grafton Fibers and a 16″ Ashford rigid heddle loom.  I’m looking forward to warping both of them.

See this, it’s wool, its wool I’m not going to process myself.  I’m shipping it out!  See freedom from a hot stove 🙂  Freedom from the sinking feeling that I have so much to do.  I need to reclaim my basement from the wool because we need to focus on training some dogs.

I need one or two more sets of foam squares and then I’ll be D-O-N-E.  As it is now I can set up Danny for a good broad jump.  Danny says the footing is much better.   We need to pull it all together, but then we will be able to start showing in Open again.  Daisy managed to earn her AKC Rally Excellent this past weekend.  Now I need to decide, do we play more in AKC or just in APDT and UKC rally?  Masi is still cute and still a pain in the butt like any one year old aussie is.  He needs training, badly.

I’ve decided that if I don’t find my Lincoln samples in the next week I’ll make up a new set of samples so I can then find the originals.  Wish me luck!


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