Lincoln-Father Of Many Breeds

Curly haired rams

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As I go through and look at many of my favorite breeds, I find that Lincoln was one of the original parent breeds used to develop it. That should be no surprise since many of today’s breeds owe its roots to Lincoln.
Lincoln (also called the “improved” Lincoln) itself is believed to have been developed from crosses of Leicester and sheep native to Lincolnshire (called “old“ Lincoln) at the end of the seventeenth century. This produced a sheep with a large, meaty frame and long wool well suited to be combed. In the US Lincolns were imported during the late eighteenth century, but the breed organization did not form until 1891.

During the late 1800’s the value of Lincoln for cross breeding was starting to be explored. Breeds such as Corriedale, Polworth, Bond, Columbia and Targhee are breeds that are either the result of a direct cross with Lincoln or a second generation cross.

Lincolns are among the largest breeds of sheep with ewes ranging in weight between 2oo and 25o pounds while mature rams range from 250 to 350 pounds. Their wool clips average 12 to 20 pounds with a low amount of lanolin and the wool itself is very coarse. Micron counts can range from 33 to 41 microns, and it carries a bright luster.. Uses for the wool include carpets, tapestry, and upholstery.

Lincoln is well worth exploring. Dye a bit and spin up for some small tapestry exploration, letting the luster shine.


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