The Dog Has Left The Loom


Remember this?

That was the Romney blankets going on the loom back in January 2008.  It is now officially OFF the loom!  No it’s not finished yet.  Right now it is just a collection of interlocked threads, it needs to be fulled and I’ll be doing that tomorrow.  But for today it is cut off the loom and the errors I could find repaired.  Pictures will come later, after finishing.

What’s next?  Well, a baby blanket in cotton for the 2 year old niece…oh well, I’m not fast that is sure!

What about the socks?

Socks, what socks?

Oh these socks!  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I finally decided that The Niagara Falls pattern by Janel Laidman.  I had done the pattern before with commercial yarn, but the blue of the Snow Moon batts begged me to knit them again.    It took me about a month to knit them in my spare time and on the train.  I’m happy to say they are done.  I am a very loose knitter and knit these on size zero dpns.  The foot looks short, but that’s because my foot is short!

My next handspun project?  Well, I have the Patches Memory Shawl I just sampled for.   I hope to swatch it and also get the rest of the batts I’ll need carded.   So I’ll get a few more details later.

Nothing much happening with the dogs, but last weekend I went to The Fold and took an indigo dyeing class with Toni.  I took fiber and yarn and learned to control an indigo dyepot to dye protein fibers.  It was facinating, a lot of chemistry happening in a dynamic system.  And yes, it does smell like an outhouse…and it lingers.  It wasn’t on my clothes, it was stuck in my sinuses!  I also helped someone fall down the rabbit hole of spinning 😉  I am always happy to enable!


2 thoughts on “The Dog Has Left The Loom

  1. Yay!! Always good to hear when a dog is off the loom! Although it sounds like you turned it into a successful project…..didn’t just take scissors to it. So that’s doubly good news!

    The socks look so comfortable! (Well, plus I love blue – my favorite color!) If I knew you in person that would totally sound like I was hinting at a gift of socks. Isn’t the web great?!


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