A Weekend To Remember…If Only I Could!

For some reason I didn’t feel like pulling out my camera.  I’m not sure why.  I think it was partially because I didn’t want to draw any more attention to myself than I already was going to.

It started on Friday, when I packed up wheel, spindles, dog, fiber and knitting and headed north to Columbus Wisconsin for Crazy Susan’s Retreat with Judith McKenzie McCuin.  I arrived in time and was able to spend the day working on worsted yarns and worsted sock yarn.  Once again, I managed to solidify some things in my mind about the relationships between ratios and drafting zones.  Things I knew from experience, but never had put it into words.  Greg from Iowa who I met at Beth’s last year was there as well as Jim from Brooklyn, NY.  Jim got to meet Luke even though Lukey was playing shy sheltie.  Luke did take a couple treats from Jim despite his fears.

Too soon I had to pack up and head to go do flyball!

Lukey, seen here barking at another team racing, loves flyball.  He is only 1800 points away from his ONYX title.  After this weekend’s racing I’m hoping it is less than that…but then again, for some unknown reason the team captains decided that running 3 teams on Friday night was a GOOD THING. Um, NOT!  The next day we only ran two teams.

Mad City Dog Training did not look like this!  The snow that had pelted us in December was almost gone and this weekend we were in swampsville from the ever present rain coming down that was melting what snow was left.  No flyball team members were hurt despite random acts of stupidity and falling that happens to someone at every tournament.  Some one once described if obedience is a formal dinner, and agility is a wine and cheese party, then flyball is a kegger.  It isn’t as physically demanding on the human partner as agility, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to run.

Here is a video from the same location we were running at this past weekend.  This will give you a sense to the insanity of racing from the handlers point of view.

So, after two days of this my husband, bless his heart, comes up to meet me in Madison to pick up Luke to take him home so I could go back to the retreat.  It was a win all around.  I got to go back to the retreat and only had to worry about myself, Luke got to go home where he was more comfortable and Jerry got to have dinner with me.

Saturday night was a too short lesson on dyeing with weak acid dyes.  Judith showed us two methods, immersion and painting with dyes.  Most of which I already was familiar with.  However, since I was tired and let my guard down I started asking rather pointed questions about indigo, natural dyes and synthetic dyes.

Sunday was a blur…I had missed the lessons on boucle yarn on Saturday and missed a lot of what she said about novelty yarns.  I spent some time spinning woolen and then plying that and then took my singles from Friday and plied and cabled them, ending up missing more of what she said.  I think the worsening weather had a lot to do with it.  I was trying to calculate when to leave to avoid the worst of the weather, and ended up leaving during the worst part of the snow.  But after a short stop at Susan’s shop to pick up a few needed things I found the weather a good bit better and it only improved as I headed south.  I did get some advice from her about going to SOAR though.  And one of my first choices of a workshop was also one of the two she recommended.  And she also confirmed my suspicions that originally Shetland Sheep were double coated, not single coated.  Also, that most of the so called Shetland wool yarn sold is actually a down breed.

All in all it was a good weekend, I just wish I could remember more of what Judith said.


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