Romney-A Great Way To Start Spinning

It’s almost cliche, those of us who learned during 80’s can often remember being handed a heavy bottom whorl spindle, a set of hand carders, and a bag of greasy, yellowish wool.  Often this wool was Romney.  Oh how far we have come in all those years.

This lovely lock is a fine Romney, silvery gray in color and has a wonderful springy hand.  I believe it was a coated fleece, which I do not often see with Romney.  Let’s put it through its paces.

Here is a carded rolag of the Romney.  Not much to look at however it was easy to spin into this yarn.

It has a springy hand and a supple but crisp feel.  It makes me think of making mittens or a winter hat with.

The combed fiber looks even more uniformly gray.

The combing gives a chance for the sheen of the Romney to come through.  This wool could be used for weaving suiting material or a lightweight blanket.  If I was knitting it I might be tempted to make a lace scarf that can show off the sheen.  This is a fairly fine Romney fleece so some might not mind a scarf made from it.  Tender flowers like me would prefer it not to be next to my skin.

Depending upon the fleece, Romney can be used for everything from rugs to lace.  So don’t fear, take it for a test spin and maybe you will fall in love with this versatile fiber.

It’s been more than a bit crazy at work, in a good way that is.  So that is keeping me busy, but far from out of trouble.  Next weekend I’m doing something a bit crazy even for me, I’m combining a spinning retreat and a flyball tournament in Madison, Wisconsin.  Why yes, I’m certifiable.  Well, I’m going to see Judith McKenzie McCuin.  The flyball tournament is smack dab in the middle of the retreat.  I have Crazy Susan’s blessing to come and go as I need to.

Oh he is soo worth it.  Luke is now 10.5 years old.  He is still on course for his ONYX title.  If I can get myself out to the tournaments this year we can possibly earn it.  Of course then I need to train my other dogs for flyball.

So I first go to the retreat.  Hopefully I can leave Luke out in the van where he will be happiest, then Friday afternoon go to the tournament on Friday and Saturday.  Lukes knight in shining armor will be my husband coming up to Madison to meet us and take him home Saturday while I spend the rest of the weekend at the retreat.

Yes there will be pictures, I promise.  It will be funny to see how much Susan can multi-task for an entire weekend.


4 thoughts on “Romney-A Great Way To Start Spinning

  1. I haven’t done any spinning. Seems like it would take a whole lot of practice.

    Here’s my real question — where can I read an explanation of the difference between Romney and Merino? All I ever really hear about is Merino Wool.

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