The Projects-Handspun At Work

I’ve been writing and making samples for a while now.  And I’ve mentioned my projects from time to time, but nothing real in depth.  I’d like to present a bit more of my planning and progress using different fibers and blends of fibers.  If you follow me on Ravelry, you will see I make a lot of quick projects, but also have some projects that take me a long time.  I’m going to present a mix of projects, my plans, and how I executed them and what challenges they presented.

A short while ago I opened my mouth on Ravelry and cast my hat in on the Enchanted Knoll Farm group and joined the EKF Sock Spin/Knit Along.  Well, my original plans was to finish the socks I am knitting for my rally obedience instructor  and  start on a Tsarina of Tsocks kit Cookies Garden.  I am sorely behind on my club spinning.  Currently I’m in two fiber clubs, committed to a third AND considering a fiber CSA from a farm out in Iowa!   Yeah, right…I need more fiber like a hole in the head…ANYWAY!  I pulled the sparkling Snow Moon Batts out of my stash.

The Snow Moon Batts from Enchanted Knoll Farm are a blend of superwash merino, sari silk, and glitz.  Layered, but not stark clear layers.  It’s hard to describe her batts, they are lovely that’s all I can say.   I got the merino singles off the wheel that I tested for a different project and spun these with a supported long draw.

Did I mention I really love my Will Taylor Lazy Kate?  I thank Abby every time I use it.  I tightly three plied it and once I get the current pair of socks done I can start on these.  I have over 300 yards so I’m in good shape for most socks that will fit me.  I’m still searching Ravelry for a pattern.  Wish me luck.

By next installment I plan to have close ups of the yarn and a pattern chosen.   I hope you will enjoy this information as I try an expand upon the building blocks laid so far.

On the dog front, Daisy did very well at her last rally obedience trial!  I’ve decided to go ahead and try for the RAE and her APDT ARCH.  I am also introducing her to the APDT Level Three so let’s see what happens.  Roo, bless his fuzzy little heart, finally qualified for his third Level Three to finish his title.  It has taken him over a year to finish thanks to him not really understanding both the directed jumping and signals signs.  I’m sure he can earn his ARCHEX, but until he can figure out that even though he cannot see the jump, it is out there.

Daisy is a very special girl.  At one point early in her life she reacted to everything.  We’ve been down a long road together and she has improved sooo much over years.  She’s a very cool dog, but very intense with a high prey drive but also very fearful of some of the strangest things.  Gotta love shelties!


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