The new Spindlicity is out and I have not one, but two articles in it.  One on sampling and a second on Cheviot sheep.  I’m very excited about it as you can tell.

And as long as I’m bragging, Danny held a 3 minute out of sight sit stay the first in several years. Now he’s been on some new medication for arthritis he’s developed (thanks to his bout of lyme disease) and I know that helped.  I’m now hopeful that he can earn his CDX this year.


2 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. Congratulations on the Splindlicity appearances!

    The arthritis/obedience conundrum is too familiar around here. Our sweetie (ILP Border collie) got disqualified several times for limping (although she was begged us to let her compete anyway, and always has devoted home and vet care). She finally got her CD. We didn’t go farther because of the jumping (which she adores).

    Have fun, and good luck with the medications!

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