A Dog On The Loom

It’s about time I admit it.  My lovely Romney blanket is actually a dog in disguise.  Tonight I added a few more inches to it after it sitting for a number of months.  It’s a struggle to throw the shuttle.  I keep winding too much yarn on the quills and it gets stuck in the middle of the shed.  I’ve messed around with trying to make the shed more barn-like…but to no avail.  It’s not the repair heddle that’s sticking, its the shuttle getting stuck in a shed that’s just that much shorter than the shuttle.

I keep thinking I’m doing something wrong, beside winding too much yarn on the quills, but no matter of adjusting the harnesses and the loops on the treadles seems to make that much of a difference.

Sigh.  The good aussie was ever at the ready to retrieve my shuttle, but alas for him, it was never on the floor.  He will just have to wait until I get this dog of a warp off of the Oxaback.

No I don’t have new pictures of Mas yet…I wish!  Maybe next weekend…


2 thoughts on “A Dog On The Loom

  1. Good photo! Love the dog, but like the little duck too. Is that yours or his?? I agree. Try a longer shuttle. You can wind the same amount of yarn and it’ll be flatter. You are making me feel guilty with your blog. Now that I’m out of the store, maybe I can catch up with you. Hope to see you at Kniftys.

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