I still have a job!

That’s the good news.  The bad news?  I’m stuck back on the help desk, sigh.

Yes I could be worse, I could be looking for a new job. 

Beyond all that.  Mas has reached that delightful stage of puppyhood for an aussie puppy where he is alert and reactive to everything.  Shelties do weird things as puppies, but then again sheltie puppies don’t go into the “I’m pulling my hair out the dog is driving me nuts” stage until 9 months old.  And if you have an aussie or english shepherd puppy 4 months seem to be the age.  Maybe with aussies it doesn’t last as long as with shelties…I can wish…

Here is Mas and Roo.  Roo is just under 20″ at the shoulder.  Mas is going to be bigger than Roo.

Well Mas gets to see sheep for the first time this weekend at sWisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival(yes I have my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.)  So look me up if you are there on Sunday.  I’ll have my Ravelry button on and Ellenspn is my username and my pink “Got Fleece” shirt on.  I’ll either be on the other end of the leash with a yapping tri colored aussie puppy or shopping. 

I may phone in some commentary to GeekFarmLife like I did last year.  Depends on what happens at the festival.  Especially the weather.  I have a puppy to be concerned about.  If its too hot, I can’t really leave Mas for too long. 

I know, I know, I still have Soay to finish.  Its washed, just not spun yet.  Maybe I should work on that next week…after I move my office to a different building…

BTW, don’t worry about the copyright notice, the photographer is my husband.


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