Bash, Oh Yeah It Was A Bash!

This past week Jer and I packed up Danny, Roo and of course Mas and headed to his mom’s house. Her place acted as home base for our trip to to Midwest Geobash 2008 in Kendallville, IN. Since she lives only about 10 miles from the event it gave us a chance to go to the Bash and to also visit Misty and Andrew of the GeekFarmLife Podcast.

First, we took Mas and Roo with us on Friday of Geobash. Mainly to hook up with our fellow GONIL members and pick up our welcome packet. I almost wish we had gotten a camping spot, but since we really are daytrippers it was only fair that the people who were really camping to have the spots first. Most everyone was out caching so we decided to head toward Auburn to cache a bit away from the crowd. We managed to do all the caches in Auburn including a fun and challenging multi-cache that had us running from place to place. Another cache we took the dogs with us on the trails. Did you know that 13 week old puppies like to bite leaves and run? Did you know that poison ivy lined parts of the path? So you can appreciate my efforts to keep Mas from grabbing a mouth full of poison ivy leaves!

There were cachers from the Bash in Auburn, but most stayed closer to Kendallville. We didn’t do any of the caches in Kendallville as we will wait for another visit to get those. We did manage to make it back to the event in time to walk through Area 51. But poor Mas was at his limit and started barking at some kids and other dogs and we went and took him and us back to sleep.

On Saturday we spent much of the day at the Bash. We left Roo behind, much to his dismay, and took Mas with us. Mas took the day in stride.

Mas at Midwest Geobash 2008

Mas at Midwest Geobash 2008

Near the end he was a worn out, cranky puppy, but only barked when either really bored or to try and get another dog to play. When we put him in his crate he got a big drink and went to sleep while we went caching some more. We finished caching when a storm rolled in and we called it a night!

Photo courtesy of farmfoto

Sunday we went to meet Misty and Andrew of Geek.Farm.Life Podcast in Warsaw, IN for lunch and then got the grand tour of Three Elms Farm. It was nice to see a -real- barn with real animals taken care of in it. Not some petting zoo or “cleaned up for pictures” in some magazine. I proved once again that cats love me and I cannot reciprocate the love. The two Corriedale ewes they have left are very nice animals that produce very nice fiber.

Photo courtesy of farmfoto

The dairy goats they have are nice as well. Misty and Andrew have Saanens which are a large dairy goat breed and produce a good amount of milk with 3-4% butterfat average. Most people don’t realize that fresh goats milk tastes nothing like what you can buy at the store, either in the dairy case or in the can. And that goat meat is much milder in taste than lamb. They also have rare breed rabbits, ducks, turkeys and geese. All in all it was a great day.

The long weekend finished with visiting with Jer’s mom, and caching on our way back home.

Here I am at an Earthcache testing the water so to speak. That is a thermometer in my hand. Thank heavens for local hardware stores!

Well, it was a weekend. Found lots of caches, had fun visiting with friends and got the puppy to meet lots and lots of people, dogs, and kids.


3 thoughts on “Bash, Oh Yeah It Was A Bash!

  1. Forgot to mention in getting carried away with your little puppy, I am a spinner, weaver and knitter and really enjoy your spinning blogs and references to sheep breeds etc. Thanks

  2. Hi, I have been enjoying reading your blog. I found it because I was searching the internet for information about the oxaback loom, but have enjoyed seeing your spinning as well.

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