A Festival In My Own Backyard

Wow, what a weekend at the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair. How quickly did I go from just going shopping on Friday night to being there all three days for greater or lesser amounts of time.

I decided not to take pictures while at the event. Even though the temperatures are cooler than other years, I’m not handling the heat as well this year for some reason.

First night was almost pure shopping. My dinner was polish food…oh man, better not get a cholesterol test anytime soon… One of the first people I run into is Sara. Her and her family were there at the festival. We talk a bit about her classes and she talks me into going ahead and taking her class that I had been toying around with taking. After signing up for the Sunday morning class, I hit a few vendors and called Beth to see how things were going at the workshop there and if Abby had made it. Denny was already causing trouble and I could hear the commotion in the background. No Abby, but Beth had a couple books I wanted so I’m getting them from her. I am in one booth, buying some roving when a pink batt in the next booth catches my eye. Turns out the owner of the booth with the pink batt is Stephanie who used to 1/2 of the SSK podcast. And she’s the one that is sharing the booth with Meghan!

Saturday I managed to meet up with Meghan of Stitch It Podcast. I let her try my Majacraft wheel to see if she likes double treadle. Of course she fell in love with it. She also received a scholarship for SOAR so I presented her with some “homework” before she goes. Oh and a tiny bit of temptation as well. Now understand, I had already taken one dog to the vet, taken Mas to his first week of puppy class and gone to a geocaching event before going to the fair.

Sunday dawned with me taking Sara’s Intermediate Weaving class. I discovered that I was putting in the raddle at the wrong point in the warping process. I first need to secure the back of the warp to the apron rod then spread the warp in the raddle. Duh! There were many other things I learned as well especially about alpaca. One of the other students owns alpacas so Sara talked a good deal about its properties.

I also picked up some more fiber and some books while I was there. And talked and flitted and enabled some more. All in all it was fun and if I’m in town, I’ll certainly make plans to go back.

Mas? He’s now 11 weeks old. Last Saturday was his first puppy class as I mentioned earlier.

Isn’t he cute πŸ™‚ My future agility partner.


One thought on “A Festival In My Own Backyard

  1. oh!!! mas is precious!!! i wish you could have brought him with you saturday! πŸ™‚ thank you again for coming and visiting me! and gifting me! and tempting me! πŸ™‚ hahahahaha

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