California Varigated Mutant-A Rare Gem Among Rare Breeds


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California Variegated Mutant, also called CVM, is a naturally colored variation of Romedale. The Romeldale started in 1915 as a cross between Ramboullet ewes and Romney rams imported from New Zealand. The breed was developed to produce fine, high yielding wool with a better carcass quality than other whiteface breeds found in the western US.

During the 1960’s multi-colored lambs started showing up in a flock of Romeldale. During the next 15 years the breed was developed as a closed flock. In 1982 the flock was disbursed and purchased by several breeders in California. Unfortunately, not all wool listed as CVM is actually CVM. Some farms have crossed other breeds with their Romeldale/CVMs and the badger pattern is a common pattern found in many sheep breeds including Shetland, Icelandic and Karakul.

CVM is found in many shades of moorit to brown to grey and but they must have the classic barred faced badger pattern . Any other pattern or spotting without the badger pattern is considered a naturally colored Romeldale. The wool is fine with a micron count from 24-22, comparable to coarse merino or very very fine corriedale. This wool will find many uses, everything from soft socks to scarves and even baby wear if the fleece is fine enough.

I must be smoking something really interesting yesterday as I decided to join the Tour de Fleece on July 5th.  I am getting my new puppy on July 4th.  Someone talk some sense into me!


2 thoughts on “California Varigated Mutant-A Rare Gem Among Rare Breeds

  1. A puppy! And Tour De Fleece????

    Either you’re going to end up with some seriously wonky yarn or an untrained puppy. (Who hopefully won’t piddle on the fleece.)

    I can’t wait to see the little one in Puppy Rally class. 😀

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