Mason Or Bust

I’m back and boy was that a trip. I’m just a little slow getting this up….

May 29th, Jer and I packed up three of the dogs and headed east to Mason, MI for the 2008 Canine Performance Events (CPE) Nationals. Danny had earned enough legs to qualify, Roo did not. But he and Adam came along for the ride. Luke and Daisy went to the “spa” for the extended weekend. Adam really wanted to just stay home, not go to the “spa” and certainly not go to the Nationals with the rest of us.

We had gone once before in 2005 aka the year from h*ll. I was an emotional mess and facing surgery for possible cancer, our van was rear ended on the way to the trial and I had a follow up mammogram scheduled for the next week…believe me it was not conducive to concentrating on agiliity! This year I promised myself to make it up to Danny….sigh…

It was a fine example of good dog, bad handler. Friday was really bad, we qualified in Wildcard, but we were not even on the same planet for standard and fullhouse. Saturday I wasn’t much better but we did manage to qualify in standard. Finally on Sunday for colors and snooker I got my act together only to screw up again in standard.

Jer played photographer and got some good shots of Danny doing what he loves.

I have always said that he did rally and obedience for me, but does agility for himself.

Roo enjoyed time walking with me. Meeting other dogs and most of all puppies! He gets so excited when he sees puppies. For Adam we just worried about bodily functions and some basics. Does he feel safe enough to go potty, to eat in his crate? To walk into the buildings? I didn’t push Adam, but I also didn’t let him drag me back to the crating area when he got scared until I was ready to. He wasn’t over his limit though.

I did manage to spin a little when not working the trial or running my dog or shopping. I did some damage at the vendors there. My credit card is still sobbing. But I got some very interesting rally and agility equipment that I can use to train in my basement and that travels really well. The company is called Pac ‘N Go. The stuff will need staking when used outside. Seriously, you could carry the dog, the equipment and yourself in a Mini Cooper!

On Monday we headed to Howell to The Spinning Loft for some additional retail therapy of the fiber variety. Beth got to try my Lendrum and I got to try the new Louet Julia….oh my gosh…. No raw fleece followed me home, but I did lead Beth off the edge and forced her to buy two corriedale fleeces. AND she had fresh Abby Batts that were not online yet. I nabbed sock batts and some lovely yellow batts….mmmmmmm……

See what I mean?

Yeah, life is good. I had the privilege of stepping up to the start line with my 9 year agility partner at another National. Laughed with old friends, made new ones and finally met a cyberfriend of many years!


2 thoughts on “Mason Or Bust

  1. GORGEOUS photos, all of them! (The fiber, too {grin}). We have a pup (now 13.5) who adores agility but had to be retired from it a number of years ago because of early arthritis. It’s a pleasure to see these pictures of the two of you.

    That portable equipment is nifty. Very nifty.

    Give each of the dogs a scritch from a distant admirer, especially that Danny. What a sense of style!

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