Letters From Camp-Saying Our Goodbyes

Camp was over too soon.

Saturday night brought us Joyce Williams. So on Sunday she brought her own personal trunk show to wow us.

Look at the way those buttons are attached to each other.

Latvian braid flanking a color pattern.

Can you see how the stitches were picked up with the pattern continuing on.

Armenian knitting not intarsia.

Fair Isle sweater using corrugated ribbing.

If our minds were not already full on Saturday, they certainly were now.

Meg tirelessly explains sweater planning and construction in order to make the sweaters actually fit.

Too soon it was time to go and I said my goodbyes to Amy and Meg.

I’m so happy and thrilled to have been there. Annette, was right…I needed to go to camp.

Oh, I did not forget geocaching on the way home!

I mean, where else could you find out where the middle of Wisconsin is! This is the marker for the center of the state in Pittsville.

One last image I’ll leave you with. Elizabeth left many things behind, but this one struck me.

Yes the Babcock, WI Post Office. Many a package was sent to many a knitter through there.

Thanks again to Meg, Amy, Joyce, and the crew at Schoolhouse Press. Knitting camp exceeded my expectations, by many factors and in many ways.


3 thoughts on “Letters From Camp-Saying Our Goodbyes

  1. Wow, those are some very inspiring photos! Knitting camp sounds like it was a lot of fun–and very informative.

    (I love the name of your blog, by the way! Brilliant!)

  2. Fabulous pictures as usual. You are so swell to share this with us. I wanna go but…I wanna do everything and there’s that shop business to attend to.

    Hope to see you soon. Abby will be back in November:-) How about you?

  3. Found you via Ravelry…now I want July to come even more than I did before (I’m going to 2.75), if that is possible! Thank you for taking great photos and sharing with all. I’m especially impressed with your shot of Joyce’s sweater with the buttons attached in a manner that just might prove exceeding helpful to me!

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