Letters From Camp-A Visit to the Schoolhouse

Today went by way too fast. We asked many questions, some quite difficult.

In the morning Meg taught us many things about arm shaping. Suddenly at one point she stopped and saw what Amy Detjen was knitting.

Wow…yeah now thats a gansey!

After lunch we headed out to the warehouse of Schoolhouse Press.

So what is the first thing the geologist finds….rocks of course. Baraboo quartzite to be specific. Oh and tulips and blooming snowdrops between the boulders.

But the knitter and spinner in me woke up quickly and headed inside to behold the joys of wool. Here are the bundles of Icelandic wool.

And shuffling through stuff in the sweater room. It smelled of strong cedar and I felt the joy of each article that passed through my hands. From gloves to sweaters to beloved shawls and I even saw the Pi are Squared shawl. I also found out what was wrong with my Three Cornered Hat.

See the yarn, that’s Sheepsdown. Ooof…no wonder I had problems changing the yarn and the gauge for it. Hmmm….time to learn to spin a bulky yarn or ply lots of strands together.

Here is that wonderful Russian Stove that they use to heat the offices.

Joyce Williams has joined us. She and Amy are helping another camper with picking colors for a LOVELY Alice Starmore design.

After leaving there with my purchases (yes there were many) I decided to find a couple geocaches.

The worlds largest round barn. And I would have never known it was there except for geocaching. This fairgrounds holds the annual Central Wisconsin Fair. The grounds boasts of not only the round barn but also this building.

Here in the midwest we are proud of our local and county fairs no matter how big or small.

After that I headed back to finish what I had been feverishly working on all day.

Yes! The Shetland/Shetland Blend PI Shawl is done!!! (Cue Hallelujah Chorus.)  Despite it not being blocked yet I wore it to dinner.

So now I can focus my attention on my camp project, the mini yoke sweater. It should fit my alpaca teddy bear.

Tomorrow I have class in the morning then head home. It will be a day of goodbyes.


4 thoughts on “Letters From Camp-A Visit to the Schoolhouse

  1. I discovered your blog through Yarn Harlot — love it! I’m a spinner, knitter and dyer in South Louisiana and I work in the animal care services industry. Great blog and I’m jealous of you for going to camp with Meg!

    Someday …

  2. The things you learn from geocaching!

    I found your blog a couple of days ago, and the combination of spinning and geocaching is absolutely to my taste!

    From a fellow geocacher and (rather new) spinner in Sweden
    (only in swedish, if you see anything you want to know about, just ask)

  3. I am so envious of your trip to camp. Please keep posting the wonderful pictures and information.

    It’s great that you can combine your geocaching with just about everything–of course, the same can be said for knitting. You have two winners there.

  4. Congratulations on finishing your shawl! I’ve been following your progress through Ravelry, since I am a big fan of the Pi and of shetland wool. Can’t wait to see it blocked. It must be such a thrill to be at camp with Meg and to see all those iconic knits first-hand!

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