Letters From Camp-My First Knitting Class

Yes, I’ve been knitting for over 20 years and this is truly my first knitting class. Today I learned two more cast-ons including the dreaded long tail cast-on that has haunted me for these 20 odd years and a for of it for a good sock cast on.

First of all, I simply love this set up. There is a camera trained on Meg’s hands, there is a monitor for her to view what is showing as well as a TV for us to see what exactly she is doing. Pure joy for this visual learner. I can learn a lot from books, but sometimes you just need to see what she is doing!

This is a small camp. Amy (in purple of course) is here playing Meg’s right hand woman and den mother. You can see some of the other campers there. I’ll try and get better pictures of all of us tomorrow.

Late in the day this is what my workspace looks like. Bottled caffine at ready, lots of DPNs on standby and in active duty. A bunch of show and tell. Oh what’s that you ask…could it be….

Yes she who does not block did block my Ice Queen made from Abby Batts! Denny would be proud of me 🙂

Oh and I found my sad little nametag.

Yeah I know…and if I had read my welcome letter a little earlier than 2 nights before the workshop I would have been able to make something that looked a bit better and could be read easier.

Tonight after dinner I decided that my Shetland/Shetland Blend Pi Shawl needed serious attention. I am sooo close to getting it done…oh no there’s that blocking thing again!

Tomorrow, more instruction and then its off to Schoolhouse Press…to show and view sweaters and shawls! I’m sooooo very excited!


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