The Yarn Harlot Discovers Madison

Last night I had the pleasure of finally hearing in person and meeting Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot.

Her Friday night appearance in Chicagoland was cancelled due to the fact she could not get to O’Hare.  Believe me, the weather was BAD.  1″ hail does not do good things to airplanes.   So I had a fear that the Chicagoland people would make a pilgramage to Madison.  I knew with the long drive I had I would need to get to Borders early to get an arm band.

Bless the staff at Borders!  We were expected and they were prepared.  They did have more chairs to put out, but it was standing room only by the time it started.  I got my armband at about 3:00 and promptly went geocaching.  I was able to find a couple before finding dinner (Mmmmm….Noodles & Company…..Yum!) and headed back to Borders about 1.5 hours before the event.

Here is what it looked like over an hour before the event.


 This is the side I sat on.  It filled quickly once people found the chairs over there 🙂

Notice the Ravelry bag.  I need one of those!  How did I miss them?

Anyhow I tried to settle down and work on one of my projects.  The Shetland-Shetland Blend PI shawl refused to behave.  It kept sliding off my lap and me working on a French Market Bag with commercial wool just didn’t feel right.  I mean, I’m a handspinner…duh..  So I whipped out a Bosworth spindle and some leftover fiber from the Abby seminar I went to last month.  After a while I realized that -I- had people watching me.  That totally took me off guard.  I mean, I was only about 20 minutes (if that) from Susan’s Fiber Shop.  I didn’t expect so few people to be spinners in this group.  What does that say about my view of the world of knitters….hmmm….

Stephanie arrives and once she gets set up she promptly takes pictures of all of us. 

She discussed how relieved our group was much smaller than the one she had spoken to the night before at the WEBS event.  No fear of her fainting from fright with us!

This is my first time hearing her in person.  Her humor had a serious message behind it which took me off guard.  Also her discussion about her adventure “walking to town” when she was Northern Ontario was absolutely on the mark.  I mean, people warning her about killer deer and not questioning her sanity when she states she was walking 14 km to town? 

See the tired baby.  See Steph sign book.  What you don’t see is the tired baby not smile for Steph when she tried to take a picture of the baby.

I did have her sign a couple books for me before I had to fly back to Illinois.  I was able to give her the fiber I brought for her (yeah!)  I hope that is some of the stuff she mailed home either that or she has a HUGE suitcase.  She recognized me and my blog (gulp!). 

It was a tiring but well worth it trip.  The drive back on US 12 had me looking for killer deer the entire way 🙂  And I managed to get home before midnight.

Sorry I have not posted the results of the last fiber group, but the paco-vicuna has gone on walkabout and I have yet to locate it.  Plus I’m scurrying around getting ready to to to my Meg Swanson workshop this weekend!  This will be my first knitting seminar ever.  Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “The Yarn Harlot Discovers Madison

  1. Sounds like a great time had by all. I came to your blog by way of the Yarn Harlots blog by the way.
    I am learning to spin myself I have been at it for a few months with no luck. I have an ashford Kiwi and I just can not get the tension right, it slips no matter what I do, I was wondering if you had any advice before I wrap duck tape around the darn thing.

    Love your blog!

  2. I wondered if the rained-out folks would be able to reach any of the other speaking sites–I’m glad there was a chance for them, and glad you had a good time!

  3. Hi! I was at the event too, and I’ve got admit I was one of those people watching you, lol. I was sitting a couple of rows behind you and I was fascinated. I stopped at Susan’s on the way to Madison to get my first spindle and fiber, and was very excited to see someone spinning. I’m totally hooked now!

  4. Found your site by way of the Harlot – love your blog, will be reading more!
    thanks for the information about breeds, it is nice to glean more information from other spinners about breed wools

  5. I clicked through from the Yarn Harlot’s blog, as well. 🙂 It’s always fun to read other people’s posts on her visits and get the audience perspective. I saw her once when she was at the NYS Sheep & Wool Fest, and man was it a good time.

    I’m psyched to have another spinning blog to read. I’ve been spinning for a few months (got myself an Ashford Traveler), and it’s infectious. I just bought a drop spindle this past weekend and can’t stop buying hand-dyed fibers. I’ve now graduated to reading books on dyeing my own fibers and yarns…it never stops! 😉

  6. Hi, I’m a wanna-be spinner from England and I just have to say I love that you guys all get together and stuff. Thanks for the great read.

  7. Hi! I’m new to your blog. I came via your post on Knitlist about your WordPress stats then Stephanie’s blog. I’m hooked after reading a couple of your posts.

    I’m a self-taught newbie spindle spinner. Sometimes I get inches of yarn that I could actually knit with!! The more I practice the better I’ll be.

    Thanks for such a great blog.

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