Oh My Aching Legs….

This past weekend I went geocaching with a bunch of other woman from the Geocachers of Northeastern Illinois (GONIL).  Nine of us started out at one of the forest preserves (aka county park) south of Chicago and spent the next 9.5 hours looking for geocaches in the woods.

We laughed, we cried, many enjoyed being free from their spouses, dogs, and children.  We slid, we fell, we crawled (well, at least I did)  and most discovered areas they had never been to before.  Most of us were wet, muddy and very very tired by the end.

This is actually prime time for geocaching in Illinois…before the ticks and mosquitoes hatch!  The lack of insects more than make up for the lack of green.  

 Well, two weeks ago you this was a hopping place.  Don’t know what that is…let’s look at it from a different angle. 


Oh boy…imagine your child sledding down this hill.  See the people on the stairs?  Offhand I don’t know what the elevation difference is, but it is higher than my earthcache on Harts Hill.   But two weeks ago we still had a significant amount of snow. 

Winter is losing its grip.  Meteorologically spring has arrived, calendar-wise we still have a few days before the vernal equinox aka first day of spring.  And I am looking forward to it as I am sick and tired of the snow.


One thought on “Oh My Aching Legs….

  1. Oh! I think I was on that toboggan run nearly 15 years ago!! We lived in Champaign and had friends who had grown up in the Chicago suburbs and took us “tobogganing” and this is where we went (or someplace like it). Scared the heck out of me! I had grown up in Vermont where you went sledding on regular hills with snow…

    Liked you info about processing wool and throwing out a bad fleece, too.

    grace 🙂

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