You Made My Day

Over the past several days both Valerie and Abby have named me as You Made My Day on their blogs.  I’m a bit floored and embarrassed, especially since Abby commented about how much of an enabler I am.  

 I’ve been  a bit preoccupied this past week.  First was twisting my left ankle geocaching forcing me to take the week off of dog sports, then the weather that refused to make my life easy causing me to leave work early twice this week, and having to work from home on Friday over the worlds slowest VPN connection.  By the time this morning rolled around I was actually looking forward to go to work.  But it didn’t end there.  I walked into MAJOR UPHEAVAL today.  Meeting with the Director early today, making contingency plans, reviewing everything to make sure that everything is covered.  No worries, my job is not in any danger, I just need some time for it all to sink in.

 Like Abby, I’m a newcomer to blogs.  I’ve been on the “net” on an off since my college days hanging out on USENET newsgroups (mid 80’s), to reading BBS’s and finally about 12 years ago actually accessing the world wide wade.  (One does not surf the ‘net, one wades through it!).  Most of my time was and is spent reading and managing email groups.  Really what got me going with blogs were podcasts.  So many of the blogs I subscribe to are also have podcasts I listen to. 

 Icenrye…you are mostly responsible for me being ADDICTED to GEOCACHING.  I was searching for a video podcast on dog agility and you had some stuff out there with your dogs, but mainly you had stuff on geocaching.  Love ya Sheldon!  (and Able, and Roxy!)

Sonny and Sandy….you two are partially responsible for my geocaching addiction as well.  It was great to meet you two at Midwest Geobash.  You guys also saved Jer and I a good bit of grief when we were brand new geocachers. 

Misty and Andrew….you two can make me wish I was back home in Indiana, and the next minute remind me what its really like to live in rural Indiana!   Yeah, I don’t miss it -that- much! 

 Carrie…You say what you could never write down.  I admire you for returning week after week with your stories and information.  We are sending good thoughts for your new kitty.

Lime & Violet….When I start to become too academic and serious, you two (plus the rest of your entourage) remind me that sometimes its fun to just let go and jump into that bathtub full of gin!   I mean, where else can you discuss vampires in Omaha and kiltworms?

Caroline…From the Fibercast one of the first spinning podcasts.  I miss ya, but I know you have so much to do at home.

Gina….I miss your podcast too.  But I understand why you can no longer do it. 

And for some non-podcast blogs I read.

Janice….I met you on ClickTrain and didn’t realize you not only had aussies but also was a spinner!  Gotta love them silly male aussies!  But do keep an eye on your butter.

Leena….Your blog is brand new to me.  I’m trying to learn as much as I can about natural dyeing and your blog is a fantastic help!  I am so glad you are posting in English as well as your native Finnish.

 Beth….I discovered your blog thanks to Abby.  I’m looking forward to the sleepover in March and of course the wall-o-fleece.   

Thanks to everyone, little by little you brighten my day one post or podcast at a time.


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