The Woman Who Launched 1000 Knitters

I’m paraphrasing from the Premier issue of Knitters magazine, but I’m sure many of you already know who I’m talking about.


Elizabeth Zimmermann

I am not sure where I first heard of her, it might have been that very first issue of Knitters magazine that I bought after learning to knit so I could put cuffs on my boyfriend’s crocheted sweater.  (BTW, I had never heard of the sweater curse and this said same boyfriend is now my husband of many years.)

For years and years and years I have wanted to go to Knitting Camp.  But either finances or other things have put my priorities elsewhere.  Then I hear that Meg Swanson is offering workshops in May 2008…should I….what about the CPE Agility Nationals at the end of the month?  My friend and fellow knitter/spinner Annette has told me so much about going to camp.  She’s gone every year for many years.  This bugs me all weekend…its a lot of money….  With a bit of encouragement from her and a discussion with Jer I hold my breath and submit my application.

 The next morning I was greeted with two emails from Schoolhouse Press….I was in!  Of course that means I had to pay as well, but that sealed the deal.  But I have also decided to cut down on some of my dog sports activity and prepare to go to SOAR in a future year.

I am taking the Updated EPS and I’m hoping I can keep up with them.  Despite having knitted for many years, I don’t consider myself an expert in the least!

In the meantime, I’m slowly working my way through EZ’s Knitters Almanac spinning the entire way.  One by one the projects click away, the mitered mittens, the mystery blanket, the baby shawl, the three cornered hat.  And the next project, the PI shawl made with…

You guessed it, the Shetland/Shetland blend.  According to my current calculations I -should- have enough yarn for an entire shawl, but I fear the curse that if I start knitting before spinning everything and then end up running out!  Of course running out of yarn is one of my all time biggest fears…I think because I’ve had it happen so many times!


2 thoughts on “The Woman Who Launched 1000 Knitters

  1. Congratulations on getting in to Knitting Camp.

    And good luck with your continued dog sports – I used to train my kids in agility, until my youngest (who was a good agility prospect) got sick – she’s better now, but we just do agility type activities at home – not competition.

    The Shetland/Shetland blend should be wonderful – I have huskies, and have been spinning Husky/Alpalca blend – after removing the guard hairs that is. 🙂

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