Spinning in Public

This past weekend I spent my time at Midwest Geobash. While meeting people and sitting in informational sessions I found I had some time I could bring out my handspindles and work on some sock yarn. I answered a few of the typical questions, but it made me think. Okay, why do I spin in public?

The truth is, I have no agenda. I’m not out to evangelize and to spread the joy of spinning to each an every person who has crafty leanings. I am simply filling a little time and working on my own projects. At one time in my life I did a lot of demos at the local county fair and other festivals. I enjoy demoing my craft and explaining what I am doing and how the wheel works. I just don’t have time anymore after taking on a full time job.

I have been seen spinning in a lot of different places, dog shows, sporting events, traveling in the car, in the cafeteria at work, at the Field Museum, you get the idea. I’ve now been spinning so long that it’s hard for me to remember what it was like to be new and unsure of myself. I think it was my desire to have something to keep my hands busy during those long hours listening to my college professors. I knit during those hours and yes I was still able to take notes. So spinning and knitting in public came to me naturally and as no big deal.

But that is just me. Not everyone will feel comfortable to spin in public and there is no shame in that. It is not a crime. I may spin and knit in public but there are other things I will not be caught in public doing…like wearing spandex…..


2 thoughts on “Spinning in Public

  1. I agree every bit; ban all spandex! Knitting in a cafeteria is no more weird than surfing the net on a computer or reading a book to your coffe and brownies. Honestly I cannot seem to understand all the fuzz about knitting in public, maybe it is different here in Norway than in the US.

  2. The only time I have to spin for lace projects is when I bring my spindle with me to wherever I’m going, play grounds, hiking with my three year old, walking the zoo with my folks, or just waiting in line somewhere. There’s always a line to wait in. Occassionally I get someone who thinks I’m trying to make a point of something, or protest something. Which makes me giggle. But I wish I would have spindled in public before I breastfed in public. I would have understood that some people, just a few, will be offended at anything and can’t do anything about that.

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