Silk on My Wheel

When I first started knitting I never dreamed I would be able to afford to buy silk. Now that I’m older and have a job I -can- afford to buy silk yarn…but sometimes I buy silk fiber.

This is a doily I made out of leftover silk 2 ply yarn from my sisters wedding present. She was very surprised when I gave her the silk shawl right before her wedding ceremony.

String of Hearts

This is supposed to be a string of hearts….yes I know they don’t -look- like hearts. I thought it was a good way to show off the silk sampler I spun up a couple years ago. It’s too big for a bookmark, and too small for a scarf and making it into a belt would be a waste. So its hanging in my spinning room.

Tussah Silk

Yes, this is some tussah that is sitting oh sooo lonesome waiting for me to finally finish the Shetland/Shetland blend and get started on the Patches Memory project. But it won’t be long as I am now done cleaning the drumcarder.

Mischief colorway

Time for fiber lovelyness. Here is some silk patiently waiting for me to spin it up. This is from The Silkworker I got a while back from Carol. I think the masses of Shetland was still being spun when I got this. Um….my name is Ellen and I have a stash problem….

Castle Fibers Tussah Batts

Here is some tussah batts that I got from Castle Fibers on Aren’t they pretty.

Shetland/Shetland blend in progress

Okay, I confess, what is -really- on my main wheel is my Shetland/Shetland blend…sorry no silk in it. It’s my current spinning project for Productive Spinners. If you have trouble with starting stuff and never finishing the group can help you work beyond that. I’ve been a member for about three years now and it has made a big difference.


2 thoughts on “Silk on My Wheel

  1. I have that doily pattern….from an old crafts magazine (Better Homes & Gardens, I think?) I’ve long wanted to make it….or better yet, blow it up into shawl proportions.

    Yours is lovely. And your silk has inspired me to pull out some of my stash from Treenway.

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