A New Companion Dog

He did it! Roo the simply awesome Australian Shepherd earned his American Kennel Club Companion Dog (CD) obedience title. This was a dog I was told would need to be worked with a pinch collar. The power of clicker training has turned him around from being a bored, frustrated, screeching dog to being very well behaved and only occasionally screeching dog.

Roo on a long walk

I’ve decided to reward him with a chance to show his stuff on sheep for a herding instinct test. But since his very poor vision out of one eye we will not be pursuing any serious herding titles. I’m afraid that we will really truly have a Sheepwreck and it will be my dog with little hoof prints all over his body.

On the fiber front I’ve been knitting and enjoying making the Pembrokshire Pathway socks! Which are now drying in the bathroom. I snapped a picture of them right before dunking them in wool wash. Made with the Tea Rose sock batts I got from Fibers. Abby simply has way with color and she knows my weaknesses…sigh….

Pembrokshire Pathway Socks

Then there is the alpaca warp, ready to got on the Baby Wolf….and more of Abby’s sock blends on the wheel, with Lime and Violet batts and Lisa Souza roving waiting in the wings….so when do I have time for all this?

Shetland/Shetland blend

As pictured in a previous blog post are the Shetland/Shetland blend batts. I am almost done with blending them. Now to spin them and clean the drum carder so I can start on my Patches Memorial project.

“Can we go to bed now?”

Has it really been 4 months already since we lost her? In this picture from 2003 she is imploring me and Jerry to go to bed and leave that silly loom alone! Of course it wasn’t long until she claimed the entire thing for herself. She was a good loom dog. Roo has now stepped in to fill her place. Which reminds me, I have not had a warp on that loom since before we lost her…sigh….

What I should be doing right now though is watching my 6 month old foster sheltie puppy and keep him from tearing up all of the rest of the dogs toys! He is not well liked, but tolerated as all the dogs know he is a puppy still…. Uh no! Off to rescue the kitchen floor…I can hear him digging in the water bowel…..


3 thoughts on “A New Companion Dog

  1. Congratulations on Roo’s title!!! I know how hard it can be to get there.

    The socks look great too – that pattern’s been on my (extensive) to-knit list for several months now. Need to bump it closer to the top.

  2. Congratulations to Roo and you. I know how much work goes into earning a title, it takes patience and hard work. I lost my old dog last year and then 2 months later lost her granddaughter who I’d retired from showing and pet therapy just the year before. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t had another companion to help me get through the times I missed them so much. Big hugs to Roo…. and a pat on the back to you.. good job!

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