Shetland: Versatility at work

This is what 7 pounds of Shetland wool yarn looks like.

Shetland Yarn

Okay, you are asking why do you have so much Shetland spun up. Well, when you want to weave blankets you have to think big. But if you look carefully you will notice I have no contrasting colors…..sooooo….I get to spin more! All in all I should be spinning 2 more pounds, one of moorit and one of black. Some of the skeins are fawn, most are grey.

Shetland/Shetland blend

Closeup of Shetland/Shetland blend

This is my in-process batts blending 1 oz emsket colored Shetland wool with 0.2 oz blue merle Shetland Sheepdog undercoat along with a pinch of opal flash. The closeup should allow you to see that this batt needs more carding.

Color sampler

This is a color sampler of shetland wools I got from The Bellwether a number of years ago. The colors from left to right are: . This sampler is no longer available from her, but you never know what she will be offering!

Samples of a double coated fleece

I took a double coated fleece and have combed part of it to separate out the guard hairs from the undercoat. From left to right is washed lock, undercoat left in combs, combed guard hair and undercoat carded with hand carders. The undercoat is much finer and will work lovely for lace. I just wish the picture had come out better for this one. This is a musket colored fleece.


2 thoughts on “Shetland: Versatility at work

  1. Wow. Very glad I stopped by, thanks to Ted Myatt! Looking forward to coming back for more. PS I recently spun and knit a cardigan all in Shetland wool–it’s one of my faves. Wonderful woolly creatures, they are. Cheers.

  2. You doing precisely what I have planned once my weaving skills have developed further. I have a lot of natural coloured wool (not Shetlamc because we don’t have any here) spun and ready for my weaving skills to catch up.

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