Alpaca: A look at the spectrum

First of all, lets start with some unprocessed suri I have.

These are some tightly pencilled locks. I’ve experimented with combing them and I lose 50%-60% of the fiber. They are slightly cotted, some of it was because it arrived that way, most though is from me washing it.

Lock of pencilled suri alpaca

Here is another lock of washed suri, this one not as tightly pencilled. Because of last years wet spring we had locally this one was slightly felted at the cut end.

Lock of suri alpaca

I am planning on spinning both of these directly from the locks to reduce the waste.

These are locks of unwashed huacaya. These are from the legs. Notice the tippiness of the locks.

Huacaya fleece from the legs

And these are from an unwashed huacaya cria fleece. Notice the crimp and the band of dirt. I highly recommend washing alpaca before spinning. Cria fleeces will have a tip on them due to the coat the cria carries in utero.

Lock of huacaya cria fleece

Here are two hanks of beige/white alpaca. The larger hank is from a coarser suri fleece and the smaller hank is from a finer huacaya fleece, though the pictures do not do justice to either.

Two skeins of huacaya alpaca

And the final two pictures are from a pair of lace socks I made with hu acaya alpaca. The pattern is from “A Gathering of Lace.”

Alpaca sockDetail of pattern on Alpaca sock

I’m afraid the detail of the pattern is blurry despite my multiple attempts to photograph it.


3 thoughts on “Alpaca: A look at the spectrum

  1. Alpaca is one of my favorite fibers to spin. Both of your skeins look good.

    I didn’t know there were patterns for socks in A Gathering of Lace. I was just wondering if socks made from Alpaca would wear well, hmmmm.. Love your socks!

  2. Actually I think there is at least two different socks in that book if not more. Alpaca will hold up just fine if spun tight enough. Heels and toes will need to be reinforced if you are using really fine fiber. Alpaca will pill like crazy if spun too loosely (been there, done that!)

    Thanks for the compliments

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