The Kit Has Landed

Yes I’m part of the herd….I’m in the Rockin’ Sock Club 2007.


It’s not like I don’t already have 2 tons of unspun fiber or a million skeins of Blue Moon Fiberarts yarn (not just Socks That Rock). The pattern included is pretty, but I doubt I’ll use it with the Monsoon yarn. My favorite part of the package has to be…..

In Case of Emergency ….yes the emergency sock yarn. It’s gone to meetings with me and was in my pocket during my annual review. Nothing like sitting through boring vendor meetings where the vendor has not even read what your company wanted from them….need I say more.

So what -have- I been doing? Well, I have an ancient workshop I purchased off of EBay and am currently knitting endless 6″ blocks to show off the wool. I started with the fine wools and this part is taking forever. Right now I’m using the corriedale that was pictured in a previous installment of Sheepwreck.

But for today I’m tossing it all aside and spinning some of Abby Franquemonts blended batts. Here’s some examples of previous batts I’ve spun from her.

Princess Luxury yarn

Seafoam Luxury yarn

The second one is not some of my better work…sigh…plus its been fondled to death.

And on the wheel….


Yes, this one is Heartbreakerthat Abby didn’t want to let go. I snagged two batts of this. Trust me, it is even better in person than in the pictures. Also, if you are interested in getting a WooLee winder you can compare the original Reeves bobbin (not Reeves-Schacht) at the top of my picture to the WooLee winder bobbin that has the fiber on it.

What I -should- be working on is the shetland/shetland blend. The chiengora (doghair) has been washed and the shetland batts are on their 2nd time around on the drum carder. My Baby Wolf has an alpaca warp ready, but hasn’t been warped yet, oh and there is a warp I’m working on the warping mill that will eventually make it to the Oxaback loom to be woven into a sturdy Romney blanket. At least I’m working on my squares….but I’ve done NOTHING on the blanket I should be spinning cotton for…..I’m ready to abandon it. It will take me years to really spin enough for a baby blanket…and the baby is now 6 months old!!!!! Ahem…..

But I have promised myself that once the shetland/shetland blend is done and spun up that I’ll work on my Patches Memorial Project (this formerly linked to where I had posted the plans for feedback, but the LJ community was deleted by the owner.)


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