More about Corriedale

Last time I posted a bit about the breed. Today I’m posting some samples of some fleeces I have around here.

First a sample of colors.

White corriedale lockGrey Corriedale lockBrown Corriedale

I’m afraid my camera cannot do justice to these. The lock structure is lost in the blur, but the colors you seen here are representative of the variety you find. Moorit does exist, but it much rarer than in Bond (also called commercial corriedales).

Corriedale sample skiens

This next example is from a wool workshop I recently did. All these samples were spun on my Bosworth spindles. On the far left is a lock, then from left to right the skeins are spun from the lock, combed preparation, carded preparation. Notice the loft of the third skein.

After thinking for a while, despite the many pounds of corriedale I have spun, much of it went into hats, mittens and socks that have been made and replaced over the years. So rather than trying to find the mate to the socks that is somewhere unknown I remembered my that I had knitted a vest of a 50-50 corriedale tussah blend.

Corriedale/tussah vest

I wasn’t keeping project notes so I have no idea about the gauge or WPI. But the white edging is an I-cord of yearling mohair. The pattern is an Elizabeth Zimmermann one from her Knitting Workshop book.

Later in the year, after I get a new corriedale fleece, I hope to do a demo about preparing a fleece for washing.


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